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Wellsite Core Handling

Appropriate core handling procedures are essential to define depth allocation, maintain core integrity, and preserve core properties. PTS provides their clients with experienced wellsite technicians utilizing reliable, customized equipment, and the most effective core stabilization and preservation methods.

Conventional Core Stabilization
With over 40 years of experience, PTS Labs has performed conventional core stabilization and preservation for hundreds of clients. Stabilization and preservation techniques used include epoxy, freezing, foam, strippable plastic, and ProtecCore™.
PTS Labs can furnish all the equipment specifically designed for each core stabilization and preservation process, including an efficient core handling apparatus, resin and foam dispensing systems. Standard wellsite services also include both geologic support (end piece description, texture) and detailed record keeping (mud data, equipment, core recovery observations, digitized data and core images).
Sidewall Core Preservation
PTS has custom designed cooler troughs for chilling or freezing rotary sidewall cores. Each cooler has the capacity of holding up to four full length, 50- sample “magazines”. The trough has internal clamps to hold down the “magazines” during transport to the laboratory. Each “magazine” has its own independent groove especially made to minimize vibration or movement during the transport process.
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