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PTS Laboratories has a proven track record of providing core analysis for domestic and international energy companies since 1965. For over four decades the professional staff at PTS has contributed many of the industry standard techniques in use today.
Services offered by PTS include Basic Core Analysis, Special Core Analysis, and custom project design using current technologies.
Wellsite Core Handling
    Conventional Core Stabilization
     Sidewall Core Stabilization
Routine Core Analysis
     Core Plugging & Stabbing
     Basic PropertiesSidewall Core Analysis
     CT & X-ray Scanning
     FluoroscopyDigital Imaging
Special Core Analysis
     Relative Permeability
     NMR Analysis
     Electrical Properties
     Capillary Pressure
     Pore Volume Compressibility
Reservoir Characterization
     Geological and Geophysical Services
     Petrophysical Modeling
     Production Engineering
     Reservoir Engineering and Simulation
     Technical Training
         Sensitivity Completion Fluids Testing 
         Improved Recovery Tests
        Thermal Recovery - Field Monitoring
         Hot Water Drive End Point
         Steam Flood Endpoint
    Oil Fingerprinting Services Chromatography
Petrographic Analysis
     Thin Section
     X-Ray Diffraction Analysis
     Integrated Rock/Log Model Development
     Integrated Field Studies
     Regional and Basin Studies
     GPAC Analysis
     Pore Attribute Characterization
Geomechanical Analysis
     Compressional and Shear Wave Velocities
     Pore Volume and Bulk Compressibility
     Permeability and Electrical Resistivity
     Fracture Strength Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio
     Tinsile Strength
     Magnetic Susceptibility
     Specialized Loading Histories
     Pore Structure Modeling
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