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Reservoir Characterization

Geological and Geophysical Services

Regional Studies


Static Geological Modeling

Production Engineering

Well Intervention Evaluation

Formation Damage Control and Stimulation

Drilling and Completions Fluids Design

Technical Training

Reservoir Description – Integration of Core and Log Data

Formation Damage and Stimulation Assessment

Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation

Wettability Testing

Knowledge of the wettability of a reservoir rock is a key factor for determining oil recovery mechanisms and making estimates of recovery efficiency. PTS offers industry-standard Amott and Modified USBM wettability tests, including the USBM test at elevated temperatures. For samples that have been subjected to weathering, PTS offers sample restoration in crude oil at reservoir temperature.

Petrophysical Modeling

Environmental corrections for borehole fluid, hole size and invasion effects

Log calibration, editing, splicing and depth matching

Log Normalization

Porosity and Saturation Determination

Net sand definition

Fluid contact determination

Facies Modeling

Permeability Modeling Permeability determination

Synthetic Logs—ΔTS, Rock Strength, etc.

Repair Damaged Logs

Reservoir Engineering and Simulation

Dynamic Reservoir Characterization

Economic Evaluations and Risk Analysis

Reservoir Simulation (Black Oil and Compositional)

Volumetric Calculation and Reserve Estimation



Enhanced Oil Recovery

Sensitivity/Completion Fluids Testing

Improved Recovery Tests

Thermal Recovery - Field Monitoring

Hot Water Drive End Point

Steam Flood Endpoint

Oil Fingerprinting Services Chromatography (FSCOT Method)

Pore Volume Compressibility

Hydrostatic pore volume compressibility testing is a routine offering for 1-in., 1.5-in. and 2-in. diameter samples and pressures up to 10,000 psi. Cyclic compression and decompression tests, as well as failure point determination tests, are also available. PTS has in-house capabilities to perform uniaxial or triaxial stress testing. Advanced geomechanical determinations are also available (see Geomechanical Studies).

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