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Special Core Analysis

Special Core Analysis (SCAL) provides specific information to characterize a particular rock property, or through a selection of specialized tests, provides a more complete understanding of a reservoir rock. PTS Labs, with over 40 years of SCAL experience, is fully equipped to design and carry out your special core analysis program

Relative Permeability

We encourage early consultation with our clients in an effort to design relative permeability test programs that are consistent with processes in the field. PTS offers a full complement of relative permeability tests including:

  • Steady state X-ray CT monitored (7-point standard)

  • Water-oil and gas-oil, ambient and reservoir conditions

  • Imbibition and drainage cycling

  • Unsteady state (constant rate or constant pressure)

  • Water-oil and gas-oil, ambient and reservoir conditions

Electrical Properties

Electrical property measurements are available using either the porous plate or dynamic displacement technique. PTS has the capacity to simultaneously test over 100 samples, using either 2 or 4 electrode measurements at reservoir conditions. Data include Resistivities (Rw, Ro, Rt), Formation Factor (F), Resistivity Index (I), cementation and Saturation Exponents (m & n), and Co-Cw analysis for clay-corrections.

Wettability Testing

Knowledge of the wettability of a reservoir rock is a key factor for determining oil recovery mechanisms and making estimates of recovery efficiency. PTS offers industry-standard Amott and Modified USBM wettability tests, including the USBM test at elevated temperatures. For samples that have been subjected to weathering, PTS offers sample restoration in crude oil at reservoir temperature.

Capillary Pressure

Capillary pressure measurements are available using porous plate, high-speed centrifuge, or mercury injection techniques. Porous plate measurements can be performed at ambient and/or elevated temperatures. Centrifuge data is currently limited to ambient or moderate temperatures. PTS is equipped with 2 automated Micromeritics mercury injection porosimeters for testing at pressures up to 60,000 psi.

NMR Analysis

PTS Labs is equipped with a state-of-the-art Maran Ultra NMR core analyzer, and flow-through core holders capable of testing at both ambient and reservoir conditions. For calibration with downhole logging tools, the instrument can match pulsed NMR tool magnetic strength and T2 echo spacing. NMR determinations include:

  • Effective & Free-Fluid Porosities

  • Fluid Saturations & Distributions

  • Capillary-Bound Water

  • PermeabilityOil Viscosity

  • Pore Size Distribution & Geometry

  • Free Fluids, Mobile Oil, Gas & Water

  • Clay Bound Water

  • Producible Fluids and Fluid Types

Pore Volume Compressibility

Hydrostatic pore volume compressibility testing is a routine offering for 1-in., 1.5-in. and 2-in. diameter samples and pressures up to 10,000 psi. Cyclic compression and decompression tests, as well as failure point determination tests, are also available. PTS has in-house capabilities to perform uniaxial or triaxial stress testing. Advanced geomechanical determinations are also available (see Geomechanical Studies).

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